Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Printing Power Week One 1/18/18

NOTE: This write-up is for today’s San Jose class and next week’s Cupertino class.

We had a great class today in Printing Power!  It is so fun to have a mix of new and returning students – my returning students are so eager to help the new ones, and they are all so kind to one another!

We started with a Hidden Tiger activity that involved coloring, cutting, and gluing.  Hopefully, this one made its way home so you could see it!  These activities are not just for fun, they help with the same fine motor skills that are used in handwriting.

Next, we jumped into the workbooks and learned the lowercase letters c, o, and s.  Everyone listened so well and caught on quickly.  Practicing at home is important, though, since we only have class once a week.  See below for links to some handouts that show the correct letter formations the way we are learning them.  Students can practice on paper, or you may want to laminate the charts and have them trace the letters with a dry-erase marker.

Some other resources I’d like to point out to you are the Learning Without Tears website and YouTube channel.  The website has some free sample worksheets, videos, and other things to check out.  You can also order your own products if you choose to.  The YouTube channel has videos of some of their songs, teachers doing some of the lessons, and they have just added some short little video lessons that your children may enjoy.

111K_CA_Capital Formation Chart

111K_CA_ Lowercase Letters Step by Step

Please let me know if you have any questions – thanks!