Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Author’s Workshop & Author’s Workshop Jr. Week 2

San Jose 1/24/18 & Cupertino 1/29/18

Activities for week 2 of Author’s Workshop:

  • Daily journaling
  • Acrostic poems: K/1 did a poem together with the word FISH (students copied the group answers down off the board, although a few came up with their own ideas instead).  2/3 did the FISH poem together as an example, and then made their own poems with a word of their choice.  Poems were sent home.
  • Free writing time: those with extra time were allowed to return to their journals or begin any type of writing they chose.  I brought in a few “inspiration” items which I will introduce slowly.  This week I brought in “Silly Starters” story starters which is always a favorite, sentence building dominoes, and animal picture cards.
  • Many students are wanting to share their writing at the end of class, which is wonderful and shows their increasing confidence in their work.  It also gives classmates a chance to practice the A-TEAM Five Agreements, especially attentive listening and affirmations.