Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Author’s Workshop & Author’s Workshop Jr. – Week 5

San Jose 2/14/18 & Cupertino 2/26/18

Students continue to free journal every week.  This week we also did a lesson on creating a character.  All students got the same handout, I just had different expectations for the Juniors.  They were asked to think of a male or female character (one decided his character was not human and therefore genderless!  Very creative!!), give their character a name, describe the character’s personality, looks, and job or role in the story.  Words or pictures were allowed, and spelling help was provided, so everyone was able to participate.  We will go back to this again as we talk more about creating stories.

The 2/3 class also had the opportunity to act out some short skits.  This was actually a request that came from them, but I went with it because skits usually have exaggerated characters who interact with each other.  I found two very short skits for them to try.   In a future lesson, we will talk about creating our own skits or short stories with our characters.

The Cupertino groups will try these activities after the break – it will be interesting to see their response!

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