Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Printing Power Week 7

San Jose 3/8 & Cupertino 3/12

Our opening activity was “Rainbow Roll and Write my Name.”  Students rolled dice and used a key to find what color to use based on the number they rolled.  Then they traced their names.  In the end, their names were traced with all the colors of the rainbow!

The San Jose class learned the “diver letters” p and r and practiced writing some words. (Diver letters start at the top or on the line and “dive down.”)  The Cupertino class will add the letter j to get caught up from my absence.

When their work is finished, students have a variety of activities to choose from: magnetic letter boards, alphabet cards with raised letters on one side and a puzzle on the other, 3- and 4-letter word puzzles, magnetic letter tracing, and magnadoodle.

Please keep practicing fine motor skills at home like cutting and pasting, and if possible, review the letters that we are learning.  I’m attaching a simpler copy of the lowercase HWT alphabet.  It doesn’t have all the words and steps but is much nicer visually.  This is probably a better one for children to use on their own.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns on helping your child at home.

HWT Lowercase alphabet

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