Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Author’s Workshop Week 8

San Jose 3/14, Cupertino, 3/19

This week I read the classes a book called “If You were a Writer,” by Joan Lowery Nixon.  In this story, Melia is a little girl whose mother is a writer.  Throughout the book, her mother teaches her different things that she would do if she were a writer, and she finally discovers in the end that she is a writer already!  We had a nice discussion about what the different things were that she had to do and how she did them.

We also discussed the three elements of setting: where the story takes place, when the story takes place, and what the environment is like.  Students filled in a worksheet with drawings and/or descriptions of a story setting – either one from a story they already wrote or one they want to write.

Remaining time was spent on journaling, using word tiles to make sentences, browsing through story prompts, etc.

Finally, I let students know that they will be publishing a final draft of something for the end of the year, and to start thinking about what they will choose.  We will make solid plans after the break!





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