Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Printing Power Week 8

San Jose 3/14/18 & Cupertino 3/19/18

This week we made a “Letter M Mouse” for our fine motor craft.  This involved coloring, cutting, and gluing.

Our letters this week were n and m, and we also did some words and a sentence.

Students love our new magnetic letter tracing board and magnadoodle.  They have so much fun showing me all the words they can write and spell!

I’ve attached some practice worksheets you can use at home.  These are letters we have already learned, but home practice would help the children get them really memorized.  I’m also attaching a double-line paper that you may want to use.  Most Handwriting Without Tears activities are written on double lines instead of the three lines that we are used to seeing.  If your child is able to switch back-and-forth, that’s great.  But if the consistency of the double lines helps, go ahead and use it for now.  Eventually, they will learn to write on both.

2nd_HL_Magic c Letters

2nd_HL_Same as Capitals

K_CA_Double Line Notebook Paper

K_CA_Teaching Lowercase Letters Step by Step


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