Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Author’s Workshop, Week 9

San Jose 3/21/18

Author’s Workshop Jr.

  • Free Journaling
  • Lesson on Character Development: we talked about how characters have personality traits and emotional traits.  Personality generally stays the same, but emotions change depending on the situation.  We looked at lists of possible emotional and personality characteristics and made up pairs of characters.  The students acted out improvised scenes between the two characters.
  • We talked about choosing a story or poem to make into a finished version after the break.  Everyone will choose a favorite piece of writing to make a nice, neat, “final” version.  I will bring construction paper for them to make covers and help them with spelling.  We’ll start choosing a piece (or making a new piece) when we return from break.

Author’s Workshop 2/3

This class of four is writing a group story together.  We had a meeting to get the characters, setting, and plot organized and written down.  I did a quick spur-of-the-moment lesson for them on the plot structure of a story.  A few more plot details need to be decided, and part of the beginning is written already.  This is a very challenging project but they are doing a great job of dividing up the task.

After the break:  when we come back on April 9th, Cupertino Authors will have a class similar to the Author’s Workshop Junior description above.  I will be adding in a Character Profile worksheet that they missed when I was out sick.  All “Author” classes will begin working on choosing, revising, and finalizing a piece of writing for the end of the semester.  See you then!

Miss Beth

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