Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Printing Power Week 9

San Jose 3/22/18

  • Opening fine motor activity: Spring theme mazes and color by word picture
  • Letters: lowercase h & b
  • Other activities: tracing letters with our fingers in the workbooks, writing/drawing on magnadoodle, using magnetic letter tracer, building words with letter magnets.

We have finished the “Diver Letters”!!!  I have attached a worksheet below for you to practice these letters with your child at home.  After the break, we will soon finish the whole alphabet and close out the semester with the numbers.  Numbers seem to cause a lot of reversals, so I hope this will help.

Enjoy the break!  Cupertino class will do the lesson above on 4/9/18, and San Jose will have a new lesson on 4/12/18.  See you then!

2nd_HL_Diver Letters

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