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Author’s Workshop

Week 10 (San Jose 4/11/18, Cupertino 4/16/18)

This week we discussed the main parts of a story and how to fit them together.  Last semester we did a “Story Map,” but this time I gave them one that was a little more complex.  It includes the characters, setting, the problem the characters have in the story, their attempts to solve it, and the final solution (ending).  I also gave out a mini-sheet of transition words to use in narrative writing, such as suddenly, as soon as, before long, etc.  This was a pretty advanced lesson for K/1, so I didn’t expect them to use these resources in their writing just yet (although some of the oldest children did!), but we had a good discussion about how story plots go, so I think it was a nice introduction for them anyway.

The main thing we are working on now is bookmaking!  The kids are so excited about this.  Some are working on one long book, and some have already made a couple of short ones.  This may be my last update here until the last class because that is all we will be doing until the end.  I am bringing in various making materials and encouraging them to “publish” their favorites from their journal, or write something new.

My hope is that everyone can have something done for the last day of class (San Jose: May 9th, Cupertino: May 14th).  Then we can have a share day where they can see each other’s creations, and play some fun language-related games for the duration of the class.  Parents would be welcome to join us or stop in to see the class books.  For Cupertino, we can probably have them done in time for the May 12 performance night so I will request a table where we can have a little display.

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