Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Printing Power Week 10

San Jose 4/11/18, Cupertino 4/16/18

This week’s fine motor activity was “Copy the Caterpillar.”  It was a bit tricky for some of the kids.  They had to look at a cartoon caterpillar made of circles, with some of the circles shaded in, and copy the same pattern on their blank caterpillar.  If it was too difficult, I let them color it with their own pattern ideas.

The letters we learned were f and q.  We also practiced copying words and sentences.

Please continue practicing at home.  I have attached the last lowercase letter practice sheet.  If I haven’t mentioned this before, it works well to laminate these or put them in a plastic sleeve.  Then your child can practice with an erasable marker over and over again.

2nd_HL_Final Group

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