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Printing Power Week 12

San Jose 4/26/18. Cupertino 4/30/18

For fine motor today we made Earth Day Books.  Some of the children can read the text!  It has been so exciting to watch them grow this year.  A few of them also had time to do an Earth Day word search.

Since we finished all the letters, we are now learning to write the numbers.  This is often overlooked, but so important.  If you write your numbers backward in math, it can be hard for your teacher or parent to understand your answer and things get really confusing!  This week we learned to write 1, 2, and 3 inside the grey blocks so we can face them the right way.  All three numbers start in the “starting corner” (upper-left corner) by the smiley face.

I have attached a number practice sheet and formation chart so you can begin practicing at home.

2nd_HL_Numbers Practice

number formation

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