Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Author’s Workshop, Week 1

August 27 & 29, 2018


Welcome back to class, families!  I will be posting a short summary here every week so you will know what was covered in class.  Here is what we did for the first day:

  • I read the story If you were a Writer and we discussed what the main character learned about writing stories.  Next, students were given a paper titled “I am an Author.”  They were asked to draw or write their idea of themselves as a writer – what would they be doing?  What tools would they use?  What would they be writing about? Etc.
  • We discussed the 5 Agreements, which are the rules of A TEAM.
  • Students formed groups of 3 or so, and each group was given 4 cards: one with a character, one with a descriptive word about the character, one with a place, and one with an event.  All the cards were on the theme of Fantasies and Fairytales but were otherwise random.  As you can imagine, there were some pretty crazy combinations.  The idea was to write a story together, but at this point, we only had 10-15 minutes left.  Students had time to discuss some really interesting story ideas!  They will have the option to continue this next time, and these cards will be a resource available for them throughout the semester.


Next time we will begin our more usual schedule.  Each student will get a folder for daily journaling and writing drafts and we will begin discussing the writing process.  If you have any questions, my email is

Thank you!

Note – No class on Monday, Sept 3 due to the holiday.  See you on the 10th if you are in Cupertino.  Thanks!

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