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Powerful Printers, Week 1

August 27 & 29, 2018

Welcome to the fall semester at A-TEAM.  I will post a short update each week so you will know what we are doing in class.  For the first class we did the following:

  • Played with activities that build fine motor skills and teach how the letters are formed
  • Went over the A-TEAM rules (5 agreements)
  • Sang “Where Do You Start Your Letters?” (ask your child if s/he remembers the answer to that question!)
  • Learned the right way to hold our pencils
  • Did some pencil pick-ups and some coloring too (that paper was sent home)
  • Practiced writing our names in title case in our workbooks (only first letter capitalized)

I have provided a couple of links for you below that I hope will be helpful.  The first is general activities you can do that are helpful for handwriting but do not have to do with worksheets (yay!).  The second is a chart of all the capital letters, HWT style so you can practice at home.  Be sure to use the language that is used on the chart, too.  Keeping the language simple is part of what makes HWT so great!

I also recommend the Learning Without Tears website and YouTube page for free resources and videos.

Practice Writing Without Worksheets

HWT Capital Formation Chart

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