Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Powerful Printers Week 2

September 5 San Jose/September 10 Cupertino

This week we learned about Mat Man – a cute little guy who can be built with the HWT Wood Pieces.  He even has his own song!  We usually make letters with the wood pieces, but Mat Man helps children learn to draw a person with the right proportions, and they love putting the pieces on themselves once I show them how.

Best 25+ Mat Man Ideas On Pinterest | Writing Without Tears with Handwriting Without Tears Clipart

We also learned our first “Frog Jump” letters.  These are letters that start at the top, make a line down, but then JUMP back to the top again.  This week we did E and F.  The children practiced on chalkboards and wrote the letters several times in their workbooks.  They are doing great!

P.S. A printable Mat Man is attached if you would like to play around with him at home.  Preschoolers will love him too!



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