Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Powerful Printers Week 3

September 12 San Jose, September 17 Cupertino

Opening Craft: Color by letter Seahorse (fine motor and capital letter recognition)

Letters: D and P – we wrote them in the air using BIG arm movements; practiced on the chalkboards; practiced in the workbook

Activity Table: we used tongs to put balls in tubes and small disks onto pictures made for dot markers.  Using tongs is fun and strengthens the hands.

NOTE: We are still on the “Frog Jump” letters.  The main issue I’m seeing is children are forgetting to start at the top.  Please watch carefully when they are practicing and if they put their pencil at the bottom, ask them to stop and think “Where do we start our letters?”  They always answer, “At the top!”  So they know what to do, they just forget.  It takes practice.

Here is a video showing how to write the Frog Jump Letters:

Here is some paper with the grey blocks like they have in their workbook.  They are used to writing one letter inside each block.  By the end of the workbook, they will be able to write on lines.




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