Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Powerful Printers

San Jose 9/19/18; Cupertino 9/24/18

OPENING ACTIVITY: Playdough letters – children rolled out playdough into “snake” shapes to form letters on cards.  The cards guide them as to how to form the letter.

LETTERS: We learned B & R this week.  They are still frog jumps, but the R introduces a diagonal line.  We listened to a song about diagonal lines and made the lines in the air with our hands.  We refer to the diagonal as a “slide” because that is where most children have seen a diagonal, so they can think of it as drawing a slide down from the middle of the R.

CLOSING ACTIVITY: We did a color by letter paper that says “I Love Fall.”

If your child is still having difficulty holding the pencil correctly, these tips may help:

Holding the Pencil

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