Beth Hankoff, Class Information

Author’s Workshop

San Jose 9/19/18  Cupertino 9/24/18

Here is what we did this week:

  • Journaling/Freewriting
  • Mini-Lesson on Revising – learned the acronym ARMS: add, remove, move, substitute.  Practiced revising using the story we wrote together last week.
  • Discussed oral storytelling and did a theatre warm-up called “Yes, but…”  The class really enjoyed this and you might want to try it at home.  Two people play at a time and the rest are the audience.  One person asks a favor or to borrow something.  It’s best if it’s really outrageous.  The second person HAS to start their answer with “Yes, but…”  Then the first person responds with a negotiation or a different ask, and again the second person has to say “Yes, but…”  You can imagine how it gets funny really fast.

The theatre exercises and oral storytelling help creativity flow for all students and give students who are reluctant with pencil and paper a way to participate in class and gain confidence.

NOTE: As you can see by the date, the Cupertino class will do this lesson on Monday.  I am attaching their rough draft story, which isn’t quite finished.  We will finish it next class, and probably not revise it for another week.  Next week I’ll move a lesson around instead of having SJ get way ahead (their class is 10 minutes longer).

For San Jose, I’m attaching the rough draft and the revised version.

The Day I Shrunk.Cupertino.Rough

The Day I Shrunk.Revised.San Jose

The Day I Shrunk.Rough Draft.San Jose

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