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October Update: Classes 5-9


We finished up the Frog-Jump letters with M and N.  Then we started the Starting Corner Capitals.  These are letters that start in the upper-left corner, just like frog-jump letters, but then do not frog-jump back to the top.  We will be finishing them up in October or early November, depending on which class your child is in.  I have attached a practice page you can use to review at home.  The starting corner capitals are H, K, L, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

Here is a cute song from Learning Without Tears called “Sliding Down to the End of the Alphabet” that helps children practice all the diagonals in the letters V-Z.



  • M is for Mouse craft (mouse face on a big letter M)
  • Q-tip dot painting on train picture
  • Decorate a monster with glued-on craft supplies, stickers, and coloring
  • Coming up: color, cut, and glue pumpkin craft
  • Weekly – I bring activities for early finishers such as magnetic letters, tactile letter cards, magnadoodle, tongs with small objects to pick up, etc.

Here is a link for your home practice worksheet.  If you have questions or want more information, please let me know!

K_HL_Starting Corner Capitals


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