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Author’s Workshop

November-December 2018

The focus for the last two months was for students to choose a story they had written during the semester, revise and edit it, and make a nice cover for it.  We referred to these as their “books” although some were only a page or two.

During this time, we did a few other activities so they would have a little break.  We did something called “Adjective Stories” which is like Mad Libs but all adjectives.  They read the results to each other and they were pretty funny!  Around Thanksgiving, I brought in an acrostic poem and word search for the holiday.  At the end of the semester, we did more winter-based activities.  On the last day, they shared their “books” with whoever they wanted to and were able to bring them home.  There were a huge variety of ideas and levels, but overall students pushed themselves to grow from where they started at the beginning of the semester.

I hope to see you and your children in the New Year!  We’ll be learning even more about how to refine our writing!!

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