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Author’s Workshop

March Summary

This month we learned about voice and personification.  Students chose an object and wrote a short piece from that object’s point of view, telling what it likes and doesn’t like about its life.

We also talked a bit about sentence fluency and editing for conventions, since this is the last part of the six traits.  However, I stressed again to students that they shouldn’t worry about correcting these things when they are writing rough drafts.

Finally, it’s PROJECT TIME!  I will be talking about this more in class after the break but wanted to let parents know as well.  Each student will choose a writing piece to revise, edit, and publish.  This is very open-ended so it should not be stressful.  It could be a story, a poem or set of poems, a comic book, or even a non-fiction report or poster about something they are interested in.  There are probably endless possibilities.  The main idea is for them to “finish” something that is an accomplishment for their own level.  I’m sure there will be questions, so feel free to contact me at

P.S. See below the flyer for A-TEAM’s Spring Performance Night.Spring 2019 Perf Night

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