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March Summary

This month we learned the letters l, k, y, and j.  We talked a lot about which letters are “tall”- going above the double lines, which letters are “small”- staying within the double lines, and which letters are “descending” – going below the double lines.  This was introduced before, but placing the letters on the lines is tricky so it is important to go over again and again – especially with these complicated letters we are learning!

Student workbooks also have a page of words and sentences each for them to write each week.  This uses the letters learned in previous weeks and gives us a chance to talk about letter sounds, too.

We did two color, cut, and paste activities this month: a ladybug with mostly round shapes, and a robot with mostly rectangular shapes.  We also did activities with tongs, Magna-doodles, letter puzzles, and more.

Please see below the flyer for A-TEAM’s Spring Performance Night:

Spring 2019 Perf Night


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