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April/May Summary

In April we cover all the rest of the lowercase letters!

  • Before the break, we did: p, r, n, m, h, b, and f
  • When we return, we will finish up with q, x, and z
  • The last two sessions (May 6  & 13) we will go over the numbers: 1-5 & 6-10.

Activities during April:

  • Match the capital letter to its lowercase letter and hole punch it
  • Make letters out of play dough
  • Fill in a dot picture with dot stickers
  • Trace-and-color Earth Day, Earth Day word search
  • Recycled Art (making art by cutting and gluing pictures and words from old newspapers)
  • Spring puzzles

Activities for May:

  • Something secret for Mother’s Day
  • Make a Zoo Puzzle

Last day of class is May 13.  Students will get a small gift from me, plus the will be bringing their workbooks, small crayons, and small pencil home to keep!  If for some reason your child cannot be there, please let me know so I can get their things to them the week before.

Thank you, parents, and have a great summer!

If you have any questions, please email me at

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