Welcome to A Team Homeschool Community! 

A TEAM is a community where homeschoolers can come together and learn in a safe and fun environment. A TEAM is not a school, but a community center with classes for your students. You and your child get to pick and choose which classes you want to attend. You can stay on site, or drop them off at one of our four campus locations. You will be amazed at how awesome it is to have a safe, fun, organized learning and friendship environment for your homeschool children.

A TEAM offers K-12 classes in English, Science, Math, History, Art, Music, Dance, PE, etc., so your students can learn, grow, and build life-long friendships.The variety of classes, quality of education, and the support community make A TEAM an excellent choice to round out your family’s education and social needs. By having several classes in a row with natural social time built-in, students have opportunities to meet their peers and make friends.