Why We Started A TEAM

We wanted a community of like-minded homeschooling families who want community and some great classes for their children.

There are great homeschool classes available out there to supplement what we’re doing at home, but few true communities where people know and support each other.  Driving to all these places with great teaching can become tedious and counter-productive, as we spend more time driving to and from these places.  Finding community from a class here and there takes a lot of personal initiative as social manager.  Some programs for homeschoolers are often exclusive and school-like, offering less choice.  Park days offer community and social interaction, but it can sometimes take years to provide a cohesive community.

Through experience with several different homeschool communities, social groups, and learning groups, we have found that children really enjoy spending part of their time being with their peers in a group learning environment, in classes they choose, where they are engaged in meaningful work together and get to hang out together on a weekly basis.

This is made possible by having several classes in a row or having a natural social time built in, such as lunch or break time.  What made some programs more conducive to community-building was the people who were present—teachers, parents, administrators—who truly cared about the children’s social development and success as well as their learning.

We realize that it is vitally important to choose our teachers wisely.  They must be people who care about, uplift, respect, and connect with each student and their family.

They need to be good and willing communicators in partnership with the homeschooling parents.  We want to have a fun, enjoyable work environment, so having teachers who can also communicate, collaborate, and connect well with other teachers is essential.  And of course, we want excellent teachers who are passionate about what they do and are continually striving to improve their craft.

We also realize that it is important to have a community that is willing to support each other. 

This is not a place where you can remain anonymous!  We want to know who you are, and have you get to know us.  We need to work together to create community among parents, and to make this a place we enjoy.  We also can’t do it all alone.  If we were to do it alone, we’d have to charge a lot more, and still we wouldn’t be getting what we want–community!  To create community among families, and to keep prices reasonable while ensuring sustainability and preventing burnout, we are requiring you to volunteer.  We will try to make it as easy and fun for you by clearly defining what you will be doing, how long it will take, giving you options on- and offsite, and by letting you choose what you would like to do.  These are opportunities to show your appreciation through acts of service, and to take some ownership of your community.  We are excited to meet new friends!

~Ann Wolfe

Ann Wolfe, Co-Founder & Executive Director of A TEAM
Ann Wolfe, Executive Director & Co-Founder of A TEAM
Tiffany Nyberg, Director of Operations  & Co-Founder of A TEAM