Why We Started A TEAM

Check out what some of our teachers, parents, and founders have to say about A TEAM!

We wanted to build a community of like-minded homeschooling families craving great classes for their children.

A TEAM compliments your homeschooling with a wide range of classes and a true community of families that know and support each other.  The variety of classes, quality of education, and the support community make A TEAM an excellent choice to round out your family’s education and social needs. A TEAM offers K-12 classes in English, Science, Math, History, Art, Music, Dance, PE, etc., so your students can learn, grow, and build life-long friendships.

Children are more engaged while learning together with their peers, and have more fun! 

By having several classes in a row with natural social time built-in, students have opportunities to meet their peers and make friends. Learning and social development ‘takes a village’ that truly cares; parents, teachers, students, and administrators all play a part in helping your children grow.

It’s vitally important to choose our teachers wisely.  They must care, uplift, respect, and connect with each student and their family.

A TEAM teachers are willing communicators in partnership with homeschooling parents.  They all want to have a fun, enjoyable work environment that’s conducive to learning. It’s natural for them to communicate, collaborate, and connect well with students and families.  Of course, they’re excellent teachers, passionate about what they do, and continually striving to improve their craft.

Our A TEAM Community is essential. 

A TEAM is not a place where you can remain anonymous!  We want to know who you are, so we can work together to keep building the community we all enjoy.  We can’t do it all alone. To create community among families, to keep prices reasonable, ensure sustainability, and to prevent burnout, all A TEAM families volunteer.  We make it easy and fun by clearly defining volunteer roles, timing, and by providing on and offsite options. These are opportunities to show your appreciation through acts of service, and to take some ownership of your community.

Ann Wolfe
Ann Wolfe Executive Director
Tiffany Nyberg
Tiffany Nyberg Director of Operations

We are always excited to meet new friends!