Adam Donovan

About Adam

Hello, my name is Adam Donovan and I’m the new kid on the block at A TEAM. I’m excited to be invited to participate in this new model of in-person learning and I’m looking forward to hearing a lot of input from students and parents as we navigate this new opportunity.

Since leaving the corporate world of advertising ten years ago, I have been coaching and tutoring high school-and lately middle school-students in reading comprehension, essay writing, sentence mapping, grammar, test taking (SAT & ACT), work organization and study skills. My passions are language arts, literature, poetry, US history, jazz and classical music…and pickleball! More on that later.

The staff at A TEAM are counting on me to deliver quality content in a context of partnership and relationship, and that is my commitment to students and parents.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to re-invent the experience of education starting with learning how to learn. I hope I can have your support in this odyssey. There will be lots of improvising…but then that’s how jazz works!