Distance Learning Support

Want a place for student to go while distance learning?

Want someone to help your student when they need it?

A TEAM is offering on site supervision for students doing distance learning.

A TEAM will provide

Adult Supervisor who will:

  1. Help students log on to classes
  2. Answer questions when doing assignments
  3. Help keep them focused so you can focus at home

All Groups Will:

  1. Not exceed 12 students per COVID guidlines
  2. Maintain 6ft of social distancing
  3. Follow the COVID-19 Guidelines for Santa Clara County
  4. Maintain the same stable group for 4 weeks with a 1-2 week break between 4 week blocks
  5. Eat Lunch (provided by you) with stable student groups

Bring your student to our San Jose Campus to be with other students who are distance learning


Bernal Church, 160 Bernal Ave. San Jose, CA 95119