Ilene Marks

About Ilene

Since my teens, I have been obsessed with starting a business. I used to design and sell Valentine’s Day & baby baskets on the streets of New York. I love the thrill of creating my own product and getting others excited about it. Hence, Kidz Entrepreneur classes and workshops were created to share this passion.  It has been fabulous working with children and watching them grow as we talk about their grand ideas.   Through my specialties such as art, public speaking, critical thinking and teambuilding students learn how, why, where a child can start a business. Last class we put their ideas into action and sell on the street. I love giving them this unique experience and the parent feedback is amazing.

Currently, I own a successful preschool music theory business in Los Gatos. Plus, I created and taught a Mommy and Me program for almost a decade. I love working with children of all ages and have a developmental approach, feeding off their ideas and expanding.   I love working at ATEAM and having the opportunity to inspire more young minds.