Register For Spring 2017

A TEAM Registration for Spring 2017 is open!

All Families – Community Hours are an important part of your involvement in A TEAM. Read about our philosophy on the Community Hours page. Sign up during the registration process.

Returning Families from Fall 2016 – You have paid your registration fee already 🙂   If you did not see the link we sent you, email our

New Families – 

1. Start by clicking the appropriate button for “Student Registration Fees” below . As soon as you register we start preparing and hold classroom space for your students. This is why “Student Registration Fees” are non-refundable. Class Enrollment Fees are separate. You’ll have an opportunity to print a “Class Registration Confirmation” at the end of the registration process for your records and can be used by Ocean Grove students to submit to your ES for Purchase Order requests if needed.

Orientation is Jan 10th at 11am!

2. PayPal will redirect you to enroll for classes and signup for your Community Hours.

Questions? – Send an email to

To Pay For Registration Please Choose One Option:
Registration fee $80 per child Nov 15th- Dec 31st
Registration $100 per child Jan 1st – Jan 2oth
Registration $125 per child Jan 21st and on

1. Pay via PayPal. You can use a credit or debit card. We do not see your card information. As soon as you pay you will be immediately directed to the online database where you choose the classes for your child(ren). Returning families from Spring 2016 please login with your registered email and password. As soon as you register we go to work preparing for you and we hold classroom space for you. This is why registration fees are non-refundable. 🙂

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2. Mail a check to A TEAM Homeschool. Please write your email address on the check. An email will be sent to you with the registration website link after your check is received. Where should you send your check? Email for the private mail address.

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know. We are here to help you register happily! 🙂