Mary Lyn Azar Rock-it Science

About Mary Lyn

Mary Lyn is the director and lead instructor at Rock-It Science. As a mother of four with a passion for science, Mary Lyn is dedicated to making science fun, engaging, and accessible to all of her students, through a combination of storytelling and hands-on learning opportunities. She has experience as both a homeschool parent, and as an aide in parent participation schools, where she has led classes in art, ceramics, science, and more. Mary Lyn is a lifelong learner, who earned a Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech, followed by a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. During her time at Georgia Tech and Stanford, Mary Lyn worked as a research assistant, teaching assistant, and tutor in aeroacoustic, physics, and calculus. Mary Lyn currently combines her love of science and teaching to lead homeschool science classes and summer camps for Rock-It Science.