Nicole Trapasso

Geography and Ancient History

About Nicole

I am so excited to teach at A TEAM this year. I am originally from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. After earning my bachelors degree in chemistry and masters degree in education from the University of Pittsburgh, I moved to San Jose in 2007. I taught high school science for 10 years at Branham High School in San Jose before becoming an ES with Ocean Grove. This past school year I made the decision to step away from my position with Ocean Grove to spend more time with my two children, Joey and Emma. My kids are enrolled in Ocean Grove and attend classes at A TEAM’s San Jose campus. I have enjoyed home schooling my kids for the last 5 years, and am really looking forward to teaching at A TEAM. In my free time, I enjoy reading (my favorite books are historical fiction), painting, running, hiking, skiing, playing piano, baking, and gardening.