San Jose Registration

Fall 2019 registration is closed on the computer! Contact us if you are interested in Fall 2019.

Click here for San Jose Classes

In order to receive the link for class registration you will need to read our online Parent Handbook and complete our questionnaire. You must read the Parent Handbook and pay the registration fee before registering for classes.

Keep in mind:

  • San Jose Registration is $90 per child and will cover Fall 2019 semester (Registration fee is non-refundable). Registration fees cover both campuses.
    • Your child can attend classes in San Jose and Cupertino
  • Trial classes are available the first week of classes and must be registered for in our registration system.
    • Trial classes require the same registration fee and process as regular classes.
  • Ocean Grove, Connecting Waters or Valiant students
    • A PO does not register you for a class, you must register in our online database and complete all of the registration process to hold a spot in a class.
    • A PO must be requested for the correct vendor, do not request a PO before registering for a class.  Not all POs go to A TEAM.

Contact us if you interested in FALL 2019 Registration!


Are you been looking for a way to get more involved at A TEAM and want help with some A TEAM fees.  We are looking for people who want to step up and lead.  Please contact me if you are interested by emailing me directly at

>>Email us if you have questions.<<