Paul Bacio

Instagram/FB: @brickexplorerskit

LEGO® STEM and LEGO® Robotics

About Paul

A former youth pastor and a big kid at heart, Paul found his passion for brick building shortly after graduating from college. This passion lead him into a 15-year career developing and teaching educational LEGO-building curriculum in the San Francisco Bay Area. Parents and kids alike enjoy his age-appropriate yet challenging designs. Referred to as a “LEGO Master” by his peers, and invited by the LEGO MASTERS producers for every season of the show, Paul integrates creativity and functionality into each of his creations. From a simple brick rabbit to a motorized robot that vacuums bricks, Paul’s creations and curriculum have inspired thousands of children to learn key STEM concepts and problem-solving skills through creative play and methodical instructions. When he is not building sculptures or creating curriculum, you can find him biking, hiking and spending time with his family in Burlingame, California.