Rachna Patel

About Rachna

I am an MBA graduate, who is passionate about working with kiddos of all ages! I like introducing them to new knowledge and acquire various skills to help them succeed in life, all with a unique and exciting twist. I also enjoy teaching creative art techniques!

A Few Accomplishments:

Previously, I was selected as the 1st place national NASA winner. I was also the winner of a Spelling Bee, MADD poster contest, and ….Dallas County Seal design:


I initiated the “RAAC” program a few years back because of a life-changing experience I had to overcome at age eight: Brain Tumor… lost all my memory after surgery, and short-term memory was impacted. I had to re-learn everything from ABC’s to 123’s, walking & talking, and even recognizing my own people! Doctors had said it was impossible for me to further my education because I struggled with re-calling information. Long story short, I did not give up. After struggling for a year, I eventually pushed through by developing unique studying strategies. Now, I have the honor to work with other students to help them excel, regardless of any barriers!

My goal is to inspire students to strive for their best, whether it’s through art, academics, or any extra-curricular activities.

I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and your kiddos, soon!