Sebastian Steinbach

emPower Kids, Let Grow Play Club

About Sebastian

About the Wild Hearts Kids Club: Kids naturally meet the world with curiosity.The Wild Hearts Kids Club’s mission is to support children between the ages of 4 – 12 build courage and self-confidence on their journey into life. We curate “beyond-school” educational experiences that cultivate somatic, emotional and social intelligence, and invite children’s intuition, creative self-expression and leadership. We emphasize the core values of humility, care, and integrity. About Sebastian Steinbach: Sebastian grew up in rural Germany, surrounded by forest, meadows and creeks. After discovering much of Europe through his studies, work and extensive travel, his sense of adventure pulled him “out west” and into San Francisco. He enjoyed volunteering in his children’s sports teams, cub scouts, and school organizations, and discovered his talent for creating unique experiences during the many birthday parties of his three children. The Wild Hearts Kids Club blends this heritage with inspiration from Sebastian’s transformational inner work at Leap Forward, the outrageous, playful creativity of Burning Man, his experience as a Martial Arts teacher, and his own “wild heart” that still loves to explore, discover and play “full out”!