Sheila Della Ratta

Sheila Della Ratta

Ceramics, Story Workshop, Visual Arts

About Sheila

All my life I have been a creator and making imbues deep meaning and breath to life. Creating art is a practice that is most fluid when one’s intuition is at the helm. It speaks of bravery, truth, self love and intention. Nature influences much of what I make and authenticity is paramount. These concepts are elucidated in my own work and how I teach!

Sheila is a parent and artist, passionate about helping children connect to their innate creativity through wood, textiles, printmaking, ceramics, mixed media, and all-around tinkering in life. She has led outdoor educational classes, been a professional photographer, and created multiple art programs/curriculums, and established ceramics & tinkering programs at a local charter school in San Jose. She has been playing with mud for over 20 years and with children for many years stemming from her education in Anthropology and love of people.

Through her reflective approach, Sheila creates a space that is easy for children to navigate and use the language of art as a voice to what they are thinking and feeling. She identifies the talents of individuals and supports them socially and emotionally along the journey. Her teaching style is one that nourishes and guides children in their own ideas and vision by laying a foundation of skills and methods that can be scaffolded over time. She sees her role as one that encourages inquiry and experimentation with clay while developing competencies in the learning process and a love of handmade originality.

When not playing with mud, Sheila enjoys the great outdoors whether sailing SF Bay or through the lens of a California naturalist backpacking, camping, kayaking, hiking. Road tripping and international travel with her husband and two sons are pretty high on her list too!