Sheila Della Ratta

About Sheila

Sheila is a parent and artist, passionate about helping children connect to their innate creativity through wood, ceramics, mixed media, and all-around tinkering in life. She has been playing with mud for 17 years and specifically with children for about 8 years.  She has two homeschooled boys who enjoy playing in the mud with her regularly.  “When we break a plate at home, we just make another one!”  Sheila has B.A. in Anthropology however she says she doesn’t get to use it much. It was, however, as a result of her early human research she became interested in pottery.  How did native peoples harvest clay?  What methods did they use to transform the clay into pottery?  These questions and more led her to explore the world of ceramics and through that exploration, she realized that she was talented and hooked, and what better way to share with the world than with the smiles and hands of children…

Her style is one that nourishes and guides children in their own ideas and vision by laying a foundation of skills and methods.  Rather than encourage pre-determined projects, she sees her role as one that encourages patience, comfort, and experimentation with clay. When not playing with mud, Sheila also enjoys sailing and the great outdoors having completed her California naturalist certification last year.