Snapology of Los Gatos

About Vaishali and Amita of Snapology

Vaishali Dubal is the Snapology territory co-owner for Almaden Valley, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Camden. She has many years of classroom teaching experience and loves working with children of all ages! Vaishali is passionate about engaging children in building activities such as LEGO®s starting at a young age. Vaishali’s favorite thing is meeting and building with new Snapology students! She has an Engineering background in computer science and has work experience in that field. She received an early child development education degree, worked as a teacher for preschool and elementary school. She has two adorable kids: one daughter and one son, who fully support their mom’s passion!

Amita Dhingra is the Snapology territory co-owner for Almaden Valley, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos and Camden. Amita is an avid LEGO® enthusiast and often builds cool creations in her free time. Amita has a degree in Philosophy, Computer Science diploma, Masters in Finance, and is also a Certified Personal Financial Planner. She has a ton of experience working with many Bay Area Hi-Tech companies as a Sr. Enterprise Account Manager with many Fortune 500 companies as her clients. Additionally, she has also owned online and offline retail businesses. She has been a manager for the LEGO® Robotics FLL team! She has two wonderful kids: one daughter and one son who are eager for their mom to succeed in making kids’ lives better!

Both co-owners have a passion for entrepreneurship and making a difference in the lives of kids. With Snapology they are fulfilling their dream. Both wanted a true way to make the lives of kids more educative and fun using STEAM programs. Not only are they catering to the heart of Silicon Valley core but they have a deep understanding of the kind of requirements parents expect from STEAM programs in the Bay Area. Away from all the stressful life of the daily Bay Area jobs, parents can fully rely on these Snapology partners to take care of their kids’ growth and make them both well-rounded and well-equipped for today’s environment. 

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