Steve Yang

About Coach Steve

I am a Teacher and Life Coach. I have five years of experience as a classroom teacher and five years of experience as a kids Martial Arts instructor. I have eight years of training and experience as an Empowerment and Communications Coach. I spent five years in China learning KungFu and I use this experience to teach the children in my class authentic Martial Arts. My path as a life coach combined with my deep understanding of children has built my philosophy: We should trust that children are trying to regulate themselves to the best of their ability. Children learn most when they feel respected and valued. Autonomy allows children to be responsible for their own choices, which further promotes their learning and growth. Children also enjoy the process of learning more when they are in control of it. I have a passion for personal growth, education, and working with children. I use this combined passion to teach children the most valuable skills needed for living a successful and fulfilling life. If you think your child would be a great fit in my class but want to learn more, please reach out!