Community Hours

Community hours are fun, rewarding and help make the A TEAM community your own. 

We need your family’s service to keep our program safe, effective and affordable.  Community hours help keep costs down, and though we’d prefer your participation, a buy-out option is available for those who cannot fulfill this requirement.

Sign up  during A TEAM Registration to fulfill your family’s service commitment, or buy out your hours during registration by writing a check to A TEAM. Your total semester requirement is 1 shift of community time for each class your child(ren) attend weekly.  For example if your child attends 1 class each week, your requirement is 1 shift (estimated 1.5 hours) total for the semester.  Your Shifts are not to exceed 5 shifts per family.  If your child attends a class that meets on two days you are responsible for 2 shifts for the semester.

The “Buy Out Rate” is $40 per shift.

Thanks for helping make A TEAM a community that Teaches, Encourages, And Mentors our children. We all appreciate you!