Welcome to A TEAM homeschool community!

Our New Location:

BERNAL CHURCH, 160 Bernal Rd, San Jose, 95139

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A TEAM is a community where homeschoolers can come together and learn in a safe and fun environment.

Worried your child won’t like it?
Nervous about a “school-like” influence on your children?

With A TEAM, you and your child get to pick and choose which classes you want to attend. You can stay on site, or drop them off. You will be amazed at how awesome it is to have a safe, fun, organized learning and friendship environment for your homeschool child.

We have classes for TK – 12 grade Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

A TEAM Location:
(Our new location for Fall 2016)
Bernal Church, 160 Bernal Rd, San Jose, 95139.

P.S. Yes, our classes are Ocean Grove approved.
P.P.S. If your child is looking for more interaction with their peers, or you are looking for outside help in their learning, A TEAM might be just what you are looking for.

Latest News-business programs for students!

In partnership with Cupertino High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Club, A TEAM will be offering weekly business programs for the month of February to students of grades 3-8. FBLA would love for your child to participate in the Marketplace and/or Workshop Wonderland Program and gain invaluable business knowledge.

The Marketplace Program, designed for grades 3-6, consists of three lessons and a Marketplace culmination event. During three one-hour lessons prior to the actual event, your child will be learning the fundamental principles of starting a business, such as keeping track of finances, marketing a company, and more. Students will be able to apply the knowledge they gain by creating their own businesses and selling products at the final Marketplace event. (The event is dependent on parents volunteering which will be organized once we know who is participating.) Through the event, your child will have the opportunity to take what he or she has learned and apply his or her knowledge in a real-world situation.

As for the Workshop Wonderland Program, designed for grades 6-8, your child will be learning about various aspects of business such as advertisements, entrepreneurship, and marketing, through interactive workshops. Each session will last one hour.

Previews of lessons (Lesson 1: Basics of Business) and workshops (Advertising) offered, as well as photos of previous successes of FBLA programs, have been attached and linked.

We will meet on three Thursdays

February 2, February 9, and February 16

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

A TEAM Homeschool Community @ Bernal Church

160 Bernal Rd., San Jose