San Mateo

The San Mateo location will meet on the following days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Fall Schedule 2023Spring Schedule 2024
Meet and Greet
August 16th, 3 pm – 5 pm

First Day
Tuesday, August 29th
Thursday, August 31st

October 2-6th

Spring Registration Opens
November 1st

Thanksgiving Break
November 21st – 24th

Last Day of Class
December 14th
Meet and Greet

First Day
Tuesday, January 16th
Thursday, January 18th

Winter Break
February 19th-23rd

Spring Break
April 1st-5th

Last Day of Class
May 2nd

Fall Registration Opens
June 1st

“My kids loved the classes they took and *I* loved the diversity and depth of the subjects offered. So beyond core curriculum, being able to study human anatomy at age 8 and philosophy at age 11 was exactly the kind of homeschool classes I have always hoped for. These are “mind expanding” subjects that make kids love learning and I applaud your class choices and hope you continue them because they were phenomenal.”


“I wanted to give a shout out to A Team in San Mateo. It’s offering so much to my sons and I’m seeing changes in them after only 3 classes. My 6 year old who is hesitant to try anything new ran off to his Carpentry class today and didn’t look back. After only 3 classes today he came out with a finished project and he was so proud. Let me tell you, at home he is a live wire and I never feel like I’m meeting his needs. So this is such a huge win for us. My older son is now home wanting to code and because of coding wanting to learn to type, which is great to see. My younger guy now builds Lego projects for HOURS (he NEVER did that before!) 

One of my favorite things is that they have an open-play lunch time so the kids get that school experience and I think that’s the only part of school I feel my kids miss out on, so now because of A Team and they get that experience. I’m super grateful and telling all my Homeschool friends about this 💞”


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