A TEAM Code of Conduct

Treat others as you would like to be treated.  –The Golden Rule

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More specifically, we are at our best when we feel safe, respected, and accepted. These guidelines apply to ALL in our program: teachers, parents, supervisors, and students.

• Do nothing to harm another person.
• Do nothing to harm yourself.
• Treat everyone—teachers, students, parents, supervisors—with respect.
• Keep your language clean.
• Respect the premises. (Listen to host.)
• Include others
• Be friendly
• Have a good attitude

For the younger grades, we will use the 5 Agreements—

• Attentive Listening
• Appreciations/no put downs
• Right to participate/right to pass
• Mutual Respect
• Invite and include others

A TEAM is a multi-age campus. Everyone needs to be mindful, making sure our students aren’t exposed to any speech or actions that are offensive or inappropriate (scary, violent, sexual, etc.) A TEAM reserves the right to determine what is and isn’t appropriate for the safety of the community.

Conflict Resolution

If anyone has an issue with anyone else in the program, we have guidelines on how to deal with it in the most respectful and efficient way.
Address the source. Preferably, in-person.

Use these three things, and it will go smoothly. (We will demonstrate at Fall Orientation.)
“I have a problem.”
“I’m feeling confused.”
“I need your help to figure out how to solve this.”

If you have a problem or are afraid or reluctant to address the problem with the offender, we will have designated counselors to help you to facilitate a resolution.

A TEAM Class Drop Policy

Each teacher has prepared lesson plans and purchased materials based on student enrollment. Dropping a class directly affects that teacher’s income and livelihood. Please sign up for classes with full intention of taking the class.

There is no penalty for dropped classes if we receive written notification 2 weeks prior to the first class.

For drops less than two weeks prior to the first class:
Regardless of reason, you will need to give the teacher and A TEAM written notice. Refund: 75% of class price (or if payment has not been made yet, 25% of the class fee will need to be paid to remain in good standing.)

For drops after the second week of class before the third week: Refund of 50% of class price.

For drops after the 3rd week of class: No refunds.

Ocean Grove Students: Any amount due that is not paid by Ocean Grove POs will be your responsibility to pay.

A TEAM Drop-off & Pick-up Policy

When dropping off your child make sure they are signed into the classroom of the first class they are taking for the day.  Do not drop your 7th grade or older child off more than 10 minutes early for classes.

If your child is in 6th grade or under, you will need to stay with your child until the teacher is present for the first class they are taking for the day.

It is important that you pick your child up on time.

You must be out of your car and supervising your child if they wish to continue playing on the playground. We know that sometimes things happen and you may be delayed.  If this happens more than once without notification or prior arrangements we will charge a $20 late pickup fee. An older sibling under the age of 18 does not qualify if the child remains on campus.

Be sure to sign your child in and out each day. This is our list should an emergency arise and we need to account for everyone on campus.

Middle school and high school students can sign themselves in and out and must be off campus.

The late fee will be charged for any child of any age still on campus 5 minutes after class is over for the day if a parent is not present.

A TEAM Payment Policy

Payment for classes is due two weeks before class starts. Your check will need to be made out to the vendor of the class per your Confirmation Worksheet. Your child will not be allowed to attend class without payment.

Ocean Grove or Connecting Waters families:
Request POs for each class two weeks prior to the first class of the semester and a copy of the PO sent to the vendor of each class. Charter School students will not be allowed to attend class unless a PO has been received by the vendor prior to the first class.

Important- If a class is full and has a waiting list you may lose your spot if payment has not been received.

A TEAM Community Hours

Community hours are fun, rewarding and help make the A TEAM community your own.  We need your family’s service to keep our program safe, effective and affordable.  Community hours help keep costs down, and though we’d prefer your participation, a buy-out option is available for those who cannot fulfill this requirement.

Sign up during A TEAM Registration to fulfill your family’s service commitment, or buy out your hours during registration by writing a check to A TEAM. Your total Session requirement is 1 shift of Community time for each class/Pod your child(ren) attend weekly.  For example if your child attends 1 class/Pod per week, your requirement is 1 shift for the session.  If your child attends a class/Pod that meets on two days you are responsible for 2 shifts for the Session, etc… Your Shifts are not to exceed 5 shifts per family.  Shifts are 1.5 hours and are self selected during the registration process.


The “Buy Out Rate” is $40 per Community Hour shift.

You are responsible to find a substitute to cover your hours if you cannot attend. A phone list is available – from the Community hours Coordinator – to make sure you have access to potential substitutes. If you miss a shift and do not find a replacement, you will be charged $60 for the shift.

Thanks for helping make A TEAM a community that Teaches, Encourages, And Mentors our children. We all appreciate it!

A TEAM Sick Policy

For the health and safety of our students, if your student(s) have recently been sick, only return to classes if:

• no fever for 24 hours
• no vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours
• no uncontrollable cough
• no pink-eyes or eyes with discharge
• no undiagnosed rashes or skin infections
• no lice or nits
• no pinworm
• no non-allergy related sneezing

A TEAM Classroom Behavior Policy

We want every student to be successful and enjoy their classes. To achieve this, if a teacher determines that your child needs extra support in order to have a positive experience in class, we will require you to assist your child or provide an aide for your child. 

If your child has a medical condition or requires special consideration or accommodation, please communicate with the A TEAM and the teacher before enrolling so that we can determine in advance how to help your child succeed in class.