Code of Conduct

Treat others as you would like to be treated.  –The Golden Rule

More specifically, we are at our best when we feel safe, respected, and accepted. These guidelines apply to ALL in our program: teachers, parents, supervisors, and students.

• Do nothing to harm another person.
• Do nothing to harm yourself.

• Treat everyone—teachers, students, parents, supervisors—with respect.
• Keep your language clean.
• Respect the premises. (Listen to host.)

• Include others
• Be friendly
• Have a good attitude

For the younger grades, we will use the 5 Agreements:

  1. Attentive Listening
  2. Appreciations/no put downs
  3. Right to participate/right to pass
  4. Mutual Respect
  5. Invite and include others

Use Appropriate Language

A TEAM is a multi-age campus. Everyone needs to be mindful, making sure our students aren’t exposed to any speech or actions that are offensive or inappropriate (scary, violent, sexual, etc.) A TEAM reserves the right to determine what is and isn’t appropriate for the safety of the community.

Conflict Resolution

If anyone has an issue with anyone else in the program, we have guidelines on how to deal with it in the most respectful and efficient way.
Address the source. Preferably, in-person.

Use these three things, and it will go smoothly. (We will demonstrate at Fall Orientation.)
“I have a problem.”
“I’m feeling confused.”
“I need your help to figure out how to solve this.”

If you have a problem, are afraid, or are reluctant to address the problem with the offender, we will have designated counselors to help you to facilitate a resolution.

For any issues you may feel you would like help with, please reach out to our support specialist, Heather Westh at